Point Loma – San Diego, California

Yesterday I talked about how I “accidentally” lost 12 pounds and one of the big underlying factors was simply just being happy and changing my mindset!
It’s really easy to just get stuck in a rut going through the same routine without really realizing how it’s impacting your life.
Most people account exercise and nutrition for weight loss (which is important, of course) but a lot of people don’t take into account mindset and emotions! Your mindset is your first thing to account for when your starting a new program or deciding to make a change. If you don’t believe in yourself or the changes you’ll be making, how the hell do you expect to follow through?
Just some food for thought on your Wednesday morning😉
No matter what your goals, it always starts from the inside out. #sandiego #pointlomaca #sandiegolocals #sandiegocounty #sandiegoca – posted by staceyqshapiro

Location: San Diego, California

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