Point Loma – Point Loma, San Diego

If you’ve watched our video at www.enconcordia.com, you saw Arturo (of @ahrflorals) declare his hatred of sunflowers—unless they’re strawberry blonde and in the wild. In keeping with an Arturo-level of honesty, let’s talk about formerly hating Sundays? I did. They felt like the end of an awesome party day. The gloomy day that delivered Monday and alarm clocks. But, recently, when I was carrying on about Sunday doldrums like a tired toddler in a time out, a woman, more wise than me, pointed out that Sunday is actually the first day of the week and Saturday, in all it’s amazing excess, is the week’s grand finale. Sunday is the fresh start. A new, leisurely beginning. And a day off. And any prep work for the week is not about saying good bye to the fun, but about getting ahead. Flash of light moment. So with this fresh perspective and a new, positive inner dialogue, I’m getting Sunday and I like it. It’s got me on a journey to spruce up self-talk. Because, change your outlook, change your life. Favorite month October, we’re going to work on positive outlooks—after we give Arturo sunflowers for his birthday. Baby steps. #sandiego #pointlomaca #sandiegolocals #sandiegocounty #sandiegoca – posted by enconcordia

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Location: Point Loma, San Diego