Point Loma – Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial

Startling Facts from @23rdveteran

> Depression is common among our returning Veterans with over 130,000 Veteran suicides since 9/11
> In 2012, it was estimated that 22 Veterans a day commit suicide

THIS Thursday, Nov 8th at 12pm, I have the privilege of leading an indoor cycling class in support of fellow Veterans 🇺🇸 suffering from severe PTSD and attempting to adjust back to life in the civilian world. @23rdveteran, a non-profit organization led by a Veteran, works to recondition Veterans living with severe PTSD through a 14 week program. The cost of enrolling one Veteran in this program is about $2500, so I’m hoping the proceeds from Thursday’s Noon ride @sparkcycle will allow for at least one Veteran to experience this life-changing treatment.

We have a few bikes available for Thursday’s #giveback ride, so book quickly or come 👀 see me @otf_pointloma or @sparkcycle during one of my other class dates/times. (P.S. I’m subbing on Thursday morning too, so book that bike!)

THE “Kellie Schedule”
⚡️Mon – 9:45am @sparkcycle
🍊Tue – 5/6:05/7:10am @otf_pointloma
⚡️Wed – 9:45am/4:45pm @sparkcycle
⚡️Thu – 7:15/9:45am @sparkcycle
⚡️Thu – 12pm @sparkcycle (23rd Vet Ride)
⚡️Fri – 6am @sparkcycle #sandiego #pointlomaca #sandiegolocals #sandiegocounty #sandiegoca – posted by kelliesullivan

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Location: Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial