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📍 Better Buzz Coffee • San Diego, ÇA
🚨🐝☕️ I interrupt this feed of tea drinks to bring you really good coffee!!! I personally love coffee and will order it like I do tea- I just have a higher tolerance for not so good tea compared to not so good coffee. Tried this place the same weekend as my tahitian competition and boy was it 🤤. I ordered the « Best Drink Ever, » a classic americano with their signature creamy vanilla. For Christen, this is the best coffee can get for my taste. Creamy and sweet (I don’t like coffee black unless it’s a really high quality brew, so I would be willing to try everything here), this tops my local favorite coffee which I’ll probably post at some point. But all in all, any time I’m in SD (or visiting the little bro), you can find me here! #LifesBetterBuzzed #sandiego #pointlomaca #sandiegolocals #sandiegocounty #sandiegoca – posted by thebobaventures

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Location: Better Buzz Coffee Point Loma